random rambling

sometimes you need to just sit back and think about your life. as i'm lounging on my couch watching zoolander and eating blue radberry now and later's, i'm allowing my mind to wander about some stuff i've pushed to the backburner.

  • i miss my boothang very much and i'm sad i won't be able to see him til may, but i'm so proud of him for reaching for his dreams. congrats babe, i know i don't say it enough but i'm so behind you and in your corner until you kick me out
  • i miss my grandmother, she recently passed and she was one of the reasons i started caring about fashion and art. she was the coolest little lady walking, r.i.p. johnie mae wesley
  • school sucks, and i really feel its pointless but like mom dukes says, "you need that piece of paper to go places in life
  • still need a job that pays well
  • having short hair is a great money saver, run a comb through it in the morning and run(until its time for a touch up and lining)
  • life is full of twists and turns, but it would be boring if you knew what was around the turn
  • art is really helping calm my mind, i am in no way a 'great artist', but i am getting better
  • attached but single...we're complicated but it wouldn't be us if we weren't
  • have to get out and party...shake my blues away, cause nothing else seems to be doing the trick
  • associates from my past are coming out trying to play nice, i am not trying to be mean but there is a reason we slowed up on our hanging out and dealings, there's no ill feelings but i have learned the true meaning of friendship
  • do not want to smoke weed but with all the stress it doesn't seem like a bad idea....lord give me the strength just to say no
  • got a lot of hidden gems in my closet, just have to take the time to sort through it
  • reggae music is the shit
  • dwele is a cutie
  • need to move to a different state, would love to be able to relocate, just need the money and faith
random rambling i know but its just some stuff i've neglected to think about. hopefully i will be able to make changes to my life and some of these things will go a bit better.

sister nancy
'bam bam'

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