the morning after...

so its the day after valentines day, so singles of the world you can stop hating on every couple you see and continue on living your life. don't feel bad, i had a moment of hating myself but it quickly passed. my day was actually all that bad though.
  • went to church with my family
  • had lunch with the ladies i love
  • watched the secret life of bees
  • ate blue radberry now and laters
  • had a very insightful conversation with my oldest friend
  • finally found my glasses

yesterday wasn't as bad as i thought it would be....

  • dressed to the nine(caught a couple guys staring)
  • hair was real cute even though its growing at a rapid rate

hopefully you guys enjoyed your vday, i finally came to the conclusion that its really just another day, and i would much rather have someone express their feelings to me,randomly through out the year, instead of on one set day. i do want to thank everyone for the calls, emails, and texts, i really appreciate that i was on your mind enough for you to think of me. thanks! love all you guys, and its just not on the 14th.

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