hiv tests and free condoms

yesterday i was waiting for my late night class to start at school, after getting annoyed with the cafeteria and the people in it, i hopped up and took a stroll through the campus. as i merrily walked along i saw a crudely drawn sign that read "FREE HIV TESTS", i was bored and had an hour and a half on my hands so i decided to bite the bullet and take a test.

after filling out the paper work and talking about my short sexual history, i was given a mouth swab that honestly looked like a home pregnancy test and was advised to rub the swab over my gums. even though i've very careful, those where twenty of the scariest minutes of my life.....but when my test came back non reactive aka hiv negative my mind was filled with relief and my hand was filled with free condoms(that will be going to waste seeing as how i'm not getting lucky).

moral of the story the is get tested, know your status, and take the free condoms....stay protected people.

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