i love a rainy day....

...today was rainy and wet, its the fall in the chi seriously so i was trying to stay warm and enjoy my day. so i started my day off by cooking breakfast for me and the kid sister....

***cinnamon and honey pancakes, chicken patties, and scrabbled eggs***
...after breakfast was over i had a brief run in with a poison apple. it was not enough to deter my mission of being creative to so i popped in my two favorite movies and got moving....

***dreamgirls and camp***

*** untangling a mess in my material bucket***

...so after i began to untangle my ball of stuff, i realized there was some useful stuff clumped into it...that's when the mental and creative muscles went to work...

***finally untangled and ready to be put to use***

***finished product***

who says a rainy day at home is a lazy day at home? clearly i proved that theory other wise!


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