N&*%A PLEASE(insert slap sound)

2:07pm name omitted
wad up, how u been
2:08pm rachel
i'm good
2:08pm name ommitted
what u been up 2
2:09pm rachel
2:09pm name ommitted
hows that goin
2:10pm rachel
2:12pm name ommitted
u got skype?
2:13pm rachel
for what?(blank)i'm not trying to be rude but what do you want?
2:20pm name ommitted
damn ok, i was juss makin convo, but bye

now its things like this that grind my gears. last summer i was extremely single and playing the field when i met this guy who shall remain nameless. now he wasn't some big summer love to be totally honest i wasn't attracted to him in the least bit, we were only friends. he tried everything to convince me to date him. but as luck would have it, just as he started dancing on my last nerve i was informed that he had a girlfriend. now that may shatter some girls, but i was extremely relieved to find out that i wouldn't have to act like i liked him anymore. but the fates were not done with me yet. his girlfriend decided to start trying drag me through the mud. i had to kinda explain to her that her boyfriend pursued me...i guess love must be right blind because he told her that it was i on the chase. so after i cursed him and her out, i stopped talking to him.

every now and then i will get a random chat from him and most of the times i play nice and entertain his conversation for a few minutes. but as you can see from the chat, i was not in the mood today. now i don't think that i was extremely rude (i can get really mean if i want to), but am i the only woman that doesn't cozy up to liars. ugh.

stop trying to get back in homie...i'm not at all into you! N$%*A PLEASE!!!!

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