twerkin....stop the madness...NOW!

wtf???? the latest internet craze seems to be woman (mostly black) 'twerkin'. to some its cute and erotic, personally that shit is straight trash. i'm not trying to come off as self righteous, i'm no angel myself but really this has to stop. its already very hard for black women to be taken seriously and this twerkin' mess makes it even harder.

strip clubs exist and there are women who do this for a living. i don't look down on them because i don't know their stories and why they do what they do, but at least their getting paid. this girls are on the internet giving that shit away for the FREE(treated).

after watching a few of this videos these girls can't be too proud of their choices because they rarely show their faces. i think they cut out or hide their faces because deep down they know that shit is a mess and would be utterly embarassed if someone they knew saw it and found out.

can we please stop this twerkin' shit via the internet...leave it in your bedrooms and at strip clubs.


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