the good's hair over the years

as a black woman i have always been concerned about my hair. from a young age i believed that "good hair"(a term black people and people in general used to determine nice hair) was straight and shiny. some girls are given perms and relaxers early on in life, my first perm i was about 10, and it was cool until my hairdresser burned out my sister's hair. my mother was not having it and decided that we wouldn't be able to perm our hair until our 16th birthdays. as a ten year old you don't understand it, over time my hair transitioned back to its natural state...and i should have been happy but its hard to be happy when you're a high school freshmen and everyone around you is addicted to the 'creamy crack' (perm) you're already dealing with trying to fit in, so it was hard. my junior year as my mother promised i got a perm again this time my hair was a fire like red. sadly i wasn't concerned that my hair was suffering because of all the chemicals in my hair..i wanted to be cute. i decided a week before my 19th birthday that i was tired of my then bob hair cut and went to the salon and chopped all my hair off...ever since then i've been growing it back. i haven't a had perm for a few months....(i was still perming my hair up until the summer) and i threw in some weave. not because i wanted to be "pretty"(i'm beautiful no matter how my hair looks) but because i wanted to give my natural hair a rest and let it grow....

with no further ado i present: The Good's Hair Over the years.

the hair has changed....but i wont


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