can i live?

so lately i've been getting approached by members of the opposite sex(and sometimes the same). it seems that to them, my being single is a problem. technically i am a single woman, but i'm involved with someone who i care about deeply and he resides in another state.

i guess it bothers these people that i am staying true to the situation i am in and dealing exclusively with him and only him. in their eyes i need a man(probably them) that i'm with everyday. this bothers me because even though we may not be in the physical together we are in constant conversation with one another and even though we have our issues he truely makes me very happy(and the quagmier act is great when it happens). honestly the fact that he's not in my face daily is good. when we fight we dont have to worry about bumping into each other in public places and causing terrible scenes.

it angers me that my lifestyle is questioned. people that quite frankly, will never get a chance to sniff the panties let alone be able to be in a relationship with me, still feel that they have the right to offer up opinions on the things i do. whomp! where they do that at?

personally if i haven't told you about my life, please dont comment. its not that you're comments cause me grief, they do not, you'll never had that power over me. its really none of your damn business. i had to get that off my chest

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