opposite attract

so im talking to him at the grocery store last night looking for frosting for cupcakes and we realized we are rather different...he's likes basketball...imma football type of girl. i'm a smoker (black and mild wines only)..he detests smoke. we've had dumb ass arguements while i've been here but i sat down after talking to my mom and realized i like him...alot.

im a pc, he's a mac

i honestly dont think i could deal with someone like me...its our differences that make us click so well. i wonder what he thinks.but right when i think we're too different i realize we like little stupid things...we like the movie the league of extraordinary gentlemen(i like monster movies and its rare to find someone who likes that movie) both of us like blazers (lame i know). hmmmmmm idk just random rambling i guess.

his and her blazers

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