Nike Wolverine X Sabertooth Pack

Most blockbuster movies are released in conjunction with a fast food chain or crappy merchandising deal, but 'X-Men Origins : Wolverine' goes one better with the release of a Nike duo-pack to coincide with the launch of the film. The lead character, Wolverine takes the cake with the Big Nike silhouette while his arch-enemy Sabretooth gets the more subdued AM95. The Big Nike takes direct inspiration from Wolverine's uniform colours - red, blue and yellow, with massive claw marks that rip into the upper (ala Methamphibian) and the tongue logo. The Sabretooth AM95 also takes direct inspiration from the colourings of the mighty comic book character, giving the lace unit an extra dose of fur to represent Sabretooth's maine. Available now at Proper.

the wolverine's....ooww!!!

the sabertooth's...i feel like growling

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