you can daly but i'd much rather DiLi

Its april and the seasons are changing, its time to store away your heavy winter coats, scarves, and gloves! New flowers bloom and so is new fashion...in a sleepy little town named Chicago...DiLi Designs is blooming. The creative force behind the DiLi Designs powerhouse, Leah Walker(Chicago, Illinois) and Deidre Trent(Canton, Michigan),are two students attending the Illinois Institute of Art- Chicago. Unfortunately i was unable to attend their unvailing...but i have pictures. Word still is not out on when these fashions will be on the market, so here are a few pics from their shows....Kudos Leah and Deidre!! the lovely ladies of DiLi Designs

this jumper is my personal favorite...leah, if you need a model...you got my number!

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